Need professional WiFi? MetaWifi will dot this for you!

Do you want professional WiFi? A professional WiFi network can best be installed by experienced experts. Then you know that it is done professionally and that your professional WiFi will work optimally. Are you looking for a company that can do this for you? Then you have come to the right place at MetaWifi. You can read more about our method and our service here.

Who are we from MetaWifi?

We are a personal, accessible and experienced specialist in the construction, monitoring and improvement of WiFi networks. We help various companies and companies with the construction, improvement and optimization of their professional WiFi network. We are happy to think along with you, so that we can always come up with a good solution thanks to our knowledge and expertise. Do you want to be sure that you have a professional WiFi that always works well? Then it is best to call in our help.

How do we create professional WiFi?

How do we create professional WiFi?

There is a lot more to see when building a professional WiFi network than most people think. For example, it is important that before the network is built, a number of things first happen. That is why we work in a certain way. We explain our method below.

We work with all (professional and semi-professional brands) and are specialists in the field of Cisco implementations.
In this way we can use the best solution for your organization, without restrictions.

We not just design for today's need! We design your network on tomorrows needs, a Future Prove Wireless Network

Steps how we implement a professional WiFi network

Stap 1: inventarisatie van uw wensen en behoefte

Wanneer u wilt dat wij op uw zaak WiFi aanleggen, is het voor ons belangrijk om te weten wat uw wensen zijn. Daarom horen wij die graag van u! Zodra wij uw wensen in kaart hebben, kunnen wij met de volgende stappen aan de slag.

Stap 2: Wireless Site Survey

Nadat wij uw wensen in kaart hebben gebracht, is het een goed idee om door ons ook een Wireless Site Survey te laten uitvoeren. Dankzij zo’n survey komen wij erachter hoe wij uw WiFi-netwerk het beste kunnen inrichten. Denk hierbij bijvoorbeeld aan wat eventuele stoorzenders zouden kunnen zijn en hoeveel acces points er nodig zullen zijn. Daarnaast komen we dankzij zo’n survey erachter waar we de acces points het beste kunnen plaatsen om voor een zo goed mogelijke dekking te zorgen.

Steps how we implement a professional WiFi network
Step 3: design professional WiFi network

Step 3: design professional WiFi network

Now that we know what your wishes and needs are and what is possible in terms of WiFi connection at your location, we can design a WiFi network for you.

Step 4: construct the professional WiFi

After we have done the Wireless Site Survey and have made a design based on that, we can install the professional WiFi network for you. Thanks to our knowledge and experience you at MetaWifi know that we will build a professional network of high quality

Step 5: Evaluation

After we have created the network, we can carry out an evaluation. We call this the Wireless post deployment survey. During this survey, we check whether the performance and coverage of the network meets the criteria we have included in the design.

Our service continues!

Do you want to have no worries after building professional WiFi in your building? Then you can take a MetaWifi Insurance. Thanks to this insurance you are always assured of a fast, stable and good WiFi network. We ensure that the software is updated on all your devices. Is a device broken? Then we will replace it within 72 hours. In addition, we do active monitoring 24/7, so that we can always guarantee the quality of your network. In this way we can remedy faults so quickly that you do not even bother with them.

Read here everything about MetaWifi Insurance.


Do you want professional WiFi from MetaWifi? Feel free to contact us, because we are happy to work for you!