How can you strengthen the WiFi signal yourself?

WiFi is nowadays almost impossible to imagine in our daily lives. The cash register systems of most retailers work on WiFi and with a lot of companies it is important that a WiFi connection always works well. If that is not the case, many employees can no longer carry out their work properly or even no longer at all. Do you suffer from poor WiFi coverage in some places in the building? Often it can already help to strengthen the signal. You can read more about it here.

Which range can you expect from a WiFi signal?

The range that you can expect from a WiFi connection is up to about 35 meters. However, the speed of the internet and the range of the signal depends on a number of things.

Those are:

  • Which devices use the network;
  • How many devices are these;
  • How many floors and walls there are between the modem and the receiving device.
Which range can you expect from a WiFi signal?